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3M™ Glass Bubbles S38, 260 kg/LG Case

3M ID 70000798983M Artikkelnummer S38

The Betapure™ BK-Z2 Series Filter Cartridge is a rigid, graded-porosity filter cartridge constructed primarily of cellulose fibers, glass fibers and a chemically resistant thermosetting resin. Our manufacturing process results in more fibers towards the center core region to create a graded-porosity structure, and a grooved surface increases the surface area and extends service life.

Rigid Graded Porosity Structure Betapure BK series filters are available in lengths from 9 ¾" to 40" ranging from 10 to 60 absolute rated microns. Our manufacturing process achieves a true graded-porosity structure, with progressively more fibers towards the center core region. Each fiber is locked in place by a thermosetting resin binder to create a rigid depth filter matrix that traps larger particles near the outer surface and smaller particles near the inside diameter. The overall effect greatly improves cartridge service life by retaining particles and deformable contaminants in progressively smaller sizes as they pass through the cartridge. High Surface Area Betapure™ BK-Z2 series filter cartridges also feature an optimized groove pattern to increase its surface area. These grooves prevent premature blinding of the outer surface by large particles and allow full utilization of the depth structure. Maximum surface area with a true graded-density structure means that Betapure BK-Z2 can provide long service life. Reproducible Filtration We manufacture Betapure BK-Z2 series filters to rigid specifications and subject them to stringent process and quality controls. Our dedication to quality results in consistent filtration performance and, ultimately, end-user process consistency - run after manufacturing run. Compatibility and Disposability We manufacture Betapure BK-Z2 series filter exhibits excellent resistance to water, organic solvents and petroleum products and will meet a considerable range of processing needs. Our filter cartridges provide consistent, reproducible filtration performance and long life in a wide variety of industrial applications. Betapure BK-Z2 series filter is particularly well-suited for high viscosity fluids and differential pressures to 4.8 bar. We also offer Betapure™ BK-Z2 series filter cartridges with various end fittings for compatibility with a wide range of filter housings. High purity chemicals Electronic Organic Inorganic Monomers Polymers Resins and catalysts Water Process Pre-Ro Boiler Feed Cooling tower Waste water Coatings Paint Varnish Lacquer Inks Adhesives Wood preservatives General Industrial Heating and cooling fluids Brines Detergents Fuel oils Lube oils Cutting oils Agricultural fluids

Maling og lakk, Gummi og plast, Transport
Kjemikaliebestandighet, Lettvekts, Temperaturmotstand
Farge (ikke-hjulpet øye)
Hvit, pulveraktig
Nettovekt (metrisk)
260 kg
Partikkelstørrelsesområde (D50 mikron)
40 - 49, 40 - 49, 40 - 49
Soda-lime-borosilicate glass
Styrke (MPa)
Tetthetsområde (g/cc)
0.30 - 0.39
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