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3M™ Clarity™ Aligners Flex

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  • Want a more streamlined experience for your digital orthodontic cases? 3M™ Oral Care Portal offers cloud-based accessibility to aligner and traditional treatment plans with a simple process and intuitive platform.

    Backed by 70 years of expertise in orthodontics, the Oral Care Portal supports treatment planning for 3M™ Clarity™ Aligners and 3M™ Digital Bonding – on one robust platform.

    The Oral Care Portal is designed to help you confidently design, analyze and refine custom treatment options. See how it can empower you to do your best work – with flexibility and control every step of the way.

The features you want, without the hassle.

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    Cloud-based software provides convenient access to Tx Design.


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    Accepts any high quality STL file.

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    Seamless workflow for 3M™ Clarity™ Aligners, 3M™ Digital Bonding and combination Tx Designs.

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"Setting up cases on the Oral Care Portal is very intuitive for a novice, and even easier if you are already familiar with it from using Clarity Aligners."

Dr. Doug Palaganas

Simple 5-Step Ordering Process

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  • 1.  Patient: Upload patient information

    2.  Product: Select Tx modality

    3.  Records: Complete patient records

    4.  Rx: Provide prescription details

    5.  Review: Review and submit the order



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Featured Products

  • Two complimentary materials, driving predictable outcomes – in one integrated workflow.

  • Bond a full arch of brackets all at once, with fine-tuned control – and with less chair time.

"My staff prefer using 3M’s Digital Bonding System over the other systems that we have tried for two main reasons: the Oral Care Portal and the tray design, as it is more predictable to load and easier to remove after bonding."

Dr. Christian Groth

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Practice with Clarity. Practice with Confidence.

See how doctors treat a variety of patients with varying malocclusions using 3M™ Clarity™ Aligners. We invite you to explore a collection of our clinical cases by visiting our clinical cases webpage.

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"The system is well designed: a cloud-based portal for easy bracket placement and adjustment, dependable tray fabrication, easy bracket placement within those trays, and a simple bonding procedure when using APC Flash-Free brackets."

Dr. Christian Groth
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Shop the full line of brackets pre-coated with our revolutionary 3M™ APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive.