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Image of the 3M™ Clarity Aligners product on a black background

Experience the predictability of 3M™ Clarity™ Aligners Flex + Force

The Clarity Aligners system is designed to meet the demanding needs of orthodontists and patients. Powered by 3M innovation, the system empowers you to treat cases with confidence.

Explore our library of clinical cases and see how Clarity Aligners deliver effective clinical performance with excellent esthetics.

Customizable treatment options. Healthy smiles.

Explore our Clarity Aligners clinical cases.

  1. Crossbite,Deep Bite,Spacing
  2. Open Bite
  3. Class II,Crowding
  4. Class II,Crowding,Narrow Arch form
  5. Crowing
  6. Class II,Crowding
  7. Class III,Crowding
  8. Class II,Class III,Deep Bite,Crowding,Spacing
  9. Class II,Deep Bite,Crowding,Narrow Arch Form
  10. Class II,Deep Bite,Crowding,Spacing,Extraction
  11. Class II,Open Bite
  12. Crossbite,Crowding
  13. Deep Bite,Crowding,Narrow Arch Form
  14. Deep Bite,Crowding,Spacing
  15. Crossbite,Crowding,Spacing
  16. Crowding,Narrow Arch Form
  17. Class II,Deep Bite
  18. Crowding,Spacing
  19. Crowding
  20. Crowding,Narrow Arch Form
  21. Class III,Open Bite
  22. Class II,Crowding,Narrow Arch Form
  23. Crowding
  24. Crowding
  25. Crossbite,Deep Bite,Crowding
  26. Open Bite
  27. Class II,Deep Bite
  28. Crowding,Narrow Arch Form
  29. Deep Bite,Crowding,Narrow Arch Form
  30. Crowding,Spacing
  31. Class II,Deep Bite,Crowding
  32. Crossbite,Deep Bite,Spacing
  33. Crossbite
  34. Class III,Crossbite
  35. Open Bite
  36. Spacing
  37. Spacing
  38. Class III,Crossbite,Spacing
  39. Crowding
Image of two Clarity Aligner trays on a gray background

“I am impressed with the Clarity Aligners Flex material. [I see] Better tracking than noted with any other aligner material I have worked with.”"

Image of 3M™ Oral Care Portal on a laptop
Simply powerful.

Treatment plan with the 3M™ Oral Care Portal

Image of two Clarity Aligner trays on a gray background

“We finally have choices! There shouldn't be a one size fits all for all movements. I like having the ability to tailor my treatment to my patient's needs.”

Orthodontist explaining treatment to patient
Learn more about 3M™ Clarity™ Aligners.

The 3M™ Clarity™ Aligners system was designed to meet the demands of you and your patients. Visit our Clarity Aligners webpage to learn more.